Hi All!
I've created this guide for those who wish to paint their Passenger Trays.

Watery paint Vs MDF Vs Primer

MDF is a relatively porous material. You should avoid applying a diluted paint to its raw, un-primed surface.  You MUST use a good primer or the surface fibers of the material will soak up the watery paint and cause the fibers to 'lift' giving it a 'furry' texture.

My primer of choice for this guide is Army Painters black spray.  Wonderful stuff.  I have had customers get great results using cheaper car spray primers too.

Stage 1

I prime the front and back sheets of this Aufklarungs Hitlerjugend tray separately using Army Painter black spray. 2 or 3 coats should be enough.  I allow each coat to dry before applying the next.

Stage 2

Once dry i applied a couple of coats of Battlefront Miniatures' Panther Yellow spray to the front sheet.

Stage 3
Again,  Once fully dry i started to apply the camo.  This is really optional and up to you on which style of camo wish to paint.  Some customers have painted their trays in the same camo style as their Transports.  In this case i airbrushed a Tri-camo using Reflective Green and Chocolate Brown.

Stage 4

After more drying I glued the two Sheets together using a PVA glue.  I pressed down gently and wiped away any excess glue with a damp cloth and allowed time to set.

Final stages

Next, i Painted the transport profile design in black.  After this i picked out the trays engraved details with white. If you don't feel up to the task of painting the text then that's okay as it looks great without being highlighted in this way.  Any mistakes are easily covered up with a little black.

Other examples are this Armoured Rifle Platoon tray and a Soviet Tank-riders company tray.  

This ARP tray was painted with Battlefront Miniatures' Sherman Drab spray on the front sheet and Green/Grey for the back sheet.  The hard edged camo was achieved by masking areas with blu-tac.  Your surface must be fully dry before apply the Blu-tac or it might remove the paint.  The dark camo itself was a mix of black and Dark Camo Green.

This Soviet tray was sprayed using Battlefront Miniatures' Tankovy Green spray for the front sheet and a bright red for the back sheet.  The Invasion stripe was achieved by using masking tape to get a nice clean line which is removed once you have painted the area white.  I then stippled a green over the white stripe in places to give it a 'worn' look.  Other details was picked out using a yellow and red.

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