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We can offer you 30% on all products.
Please note that our rrp does not affect your rights to sell our products at what ever price you wish.
How do I join?
Please contact us at with the following information:
Name of business business address (worldwide)
Business website (if any)
Contact name
Business contact tel no
Are you a 'bricks and mortar' shop?
Are you a webstore trader? Please note: we do not accept ebay traders as stockists at this time.
Once we have received your info we may contact you. Once approved, we shall open up an account for you and give you your unique discount code to be used during checkout and your store information will be added to our stockists web page.
Please note that you have to make an initial mininum order.
Minimum order
Once we create your account all we ask is that your first initial order is £100.00 or greater. Any further orders can be at any amount.
 *Please note that you can only claim your discount on orders of £50.00 or more.
Presentation of our products
Each resin bases/terrain product that is sent to a trader is packed in a re-sealable bag and made tamper proof with our brand label. We also attach a euro slot hanger to each item if you are a 'bricks & mortar' shop.  Our Malice rpg tile set range is packed in a box with our brand label.  Each miniature is packed in a clamshell with a foam backing and product card insert.

Featured Products
40mm Imperial Palace ba..
40mm Imperial Palace ba..
This pack contains: 5 x 40mm Imperial Palace, resin cast, scenic bases.
Huge oval Imperial Pala..
Huge oval Imperial Pala..
This is truly a titan of a base. 165x105mm Oval Imperial Palace base I sculpted this base quite high...
Soviet Passenger Trays
Soviet Passenger Trays
Designed for 15mm gaming. Now you will know which teams are in each transport when you charge into battle....
40mm Infested Hero base
40mm Infested Hero base
1 x 40mm Infested Hero base Truly a base for any Hero! This base has lots of details Including maggots,...
Huge oval Lava base  16..
Huge oval Lava base 16..
This is truly a titan of a base. The biggest base i have released yet! This listing is for 1 165x105mm...
32mm Lava bases 10
32mm Lava bases 10
These Lava bases are packed with detail. Great for basing many types of miniatures. This pack contains:...
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