Hi folks!

Here Is my step by step guide on painting a lava effect on my bases.  Please note that i still use quite a few old paints but you can use any similar colour.

Lets begin.

Stage 1

After priming the base white i painted the cooled down crusting lava black.

Stage 2

I painted the white areas with Golden Yellow.  I applied a couple of coats to make sure i had a strong bright yellow.

Stage 3

I now started to apply thin coats of Fiery Orange to the yellow (mainly in areas near the cooled lava crust). At this stage it is important to leave the hottest parts of the lava yellow.

Stage 4

I then darkened some of the orange areas with a Blood Red

Stage 5

I darkened parts of the Blood Red with Red Gore.  This was also applied to the sides of the lava crust.

Stage 6

I now smoothed out some of the transitions by apply thin coats of Golden Yellow.  The black areas are given a gentle drybrush with Shadow Grey. 

Stage 7
Now things start to hotten up!
I gradually add White to the yellow and build up the hot areas with thin layers.  I used pure white on the hottest parts of the lava.  Once done i painted the rim of the base Black.

Completed base

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